Why you need Iron During Pregnancy

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Iron is surely the most important ingredient you need during pregnancy. It makes hemoglobin, which is the main substance in red blood cells. Since your body supplies blood and oxygen to the body, adequate amount of hemoglobin is needed, that arises the need of iron in the body. A lot of women end up developing iron deficiency during their pregnancy, which leads to premature birth, low birth weight and infant mortality.

You can take iron supplements if you are already iron deficient, but you must check with your gynecologist before starting the same. Incorporating iron in your diet also makes a difference. Irons are of usually two types, heme and non-heme. Foods like beans, dried fruits, vegetables, eggs, whole grains, etc. have non-heme iron. On the other hand, you can find heme iron in animal sources like red meat, fish and poultry. The heme iron is absorbed in the best way, and you must focus on heme iron during pregnancy.

What you consume with iron also has a significant effect on your body and pregnancy. If you have iron supplements or iron rich foods with something that is rich in calcium, it can reduce the ability of your body to absorb it. Taking it with acid, like a glass of orange or tomato juice can boost its absorption.

Even if you develop iron deficiency during your pregnancy, you are most likely to get back to normal after the childbirth. But if you maintain your iron levels even during pregnancy, you will have the energy to keep up with everything once the baby comes.

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