What you should know about IVF

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IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is one of the most popular option for the couples who are facing troubles in conceiving through natural means. Here are a few things you must know about IVF if you are planning to consider the same:

  1. Choosing the course of action.

IVF is not the only thing which is done when you see a doctor for fertility issues. There will be a series of tests first including tubal evaluation, semen analysis, ovarian reserve testing etc., on the basis of which you will be given options by your doctor. The best gynecologist in Delhi will give you multiple options you can choose from, like oral/injectable fertility medicines, intra-uterine insemination etc. The treatments might even be combined if needed.

  1. It’s not only for older women

People have this assumption that IVF is only meant for older women, which is not the case. Fertility related problems can be seen  in all the age groups, because of different causes. The age, however is one of the factors, and the women aged 35 or above have the success rate of only 40 percent, which further dips every few years by approximately 10 percent.

  1. Lifestyle affecting pregnancy

From your BMI to your eating and sleeping habits, everything has an impact on your chances of conceiving. The quality of the embryo is improved if your diet includes more of protein and vegetables. Access amount of alcohol and lack of sleep can also lead to difficulties in getting pregnant. You must consult a good gynecologist in Delhi to ensure they guide you well to have  a healthy baby.

  1. Side Effects

Hormonal therapies usually include some side effect or the other. IVF usually has side effects that include mild headaches, pelvic cramps, breast tenderness or lower backaches. They are however not experienced by everyone who goes through IVF.

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