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 (Laparoscopic Uterine artery Ligation) A new Technique, In Management of Fibroids.

Fibroids are noncancerous growths (99%) in the uterus. Today fibroids have become a very common problem among the women. Fibroids lead to multiple problems in women from heavy menstrual bleeding to pain in abdomen and pressure symptoms on the urinary bladder (leading increase frequency of urination) and problems with complete defecation (passing motion) and problems due to a large mass in the abdomen (especially in unmarried girls). Also fibroids can lead to Infertility, Miscarriages and complications in pregnancy.

In the past these women who needed fibroid removal could only do so with open surgery and many of these women ended up losing their uterus as well. Today with the new modern techniques any fibroid can be removed by laparoscopy or Hysteroscopy in good hands while completely saving the rest of the uterus. But as we all know, that fibroids are a recurrent condition and almost always reappear a few years after their removal. Hence a new technique called LUAL ( Laparoscopic Uterine artery Ligation) is now designed by us at “SUNRISE” which helps in prevention of recurrence of fibroids and also decreases blood loss from the fibroid bed at the time of Myomectomy (FIBROID REMOVAL).

This technique is performed laparoscopically   and the uterine arteries are clipped at their origin hence this technique offers all the benefits of laparoscopy i.e. essentially minimal blood loss, No need for blood transfusion, Minimal pain post operatively,  only one day hospital stay, early resumption to Day-Day activities and in addition to these benefits normal Laparoscopy Myomectomy LUAL prevents the recurrence of fibroids in 80% women without compromising their future fertility that is if these women want to get pregnant in the future they will not face any problems due to their uterine arteries being clipped in the past.

Also if the woman does not want more children( her family is complete)then a laparoscopic hysterectomy is done for the woman.Any size of the uterus can be removed by laparoscopy in experienced institutes .Also even if the lady has had previous surgeries( like caesareans) even then she can be operated by laparoscopy .We at Sunrise have the world record of the worlds largest uterus removed by laparoscopy and also the worlds largest fibroid removed by laparoscopic myomectomy.




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