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Pregnancy is a major step in any woman’s life. Here are a few tips that every woman should follow before getting pregnant or during their pregnancy.

  1. Visit your doc- before u plan to get pregnant get yourself checked and get appropriate tests done for infections. Take vaccinations to be on the safe side.
  2. Increase your folate intake- taking folate or folic acid within the first six weeks of pregnancy is a good idea as it forms the baby’s neural tube. For a healthier neural tube of the baby, folic acid is a great trick.
  3. Intake enough iodine- iodine helps in production of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland which is extremely important for the baby which is important for the brain development of the child.
  4. Stop smoking- to decrease the risk of miscarriage, smoking needs to be reduced or left. Also, smoking can cause risk of low birth weight, pre term delivery, cleft palate, cross-eyes, weak lungs, weak immune system and obesity in childhood.
  5. Avoid alcohol- babies are born underweight with characteristic facial anomalies as well as increased risk of heart problems, learning disabilities, language problems, attention, memory, hyperactivity and co-ordination problems in case the mother has FAS (foetal alcohol syndrome)
  6. Limit caffeine intake- small amounts of caffeine intake is fine but if taken in large amounts, it can cause miscarriage.
  7. Stay healthy- getting enough sleep, eating well and minimising stress are the keys to a healthy pregnancy.
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