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Ovarian cysts are becoming increasingly common especially in women in the reproductive age group.As we all already know that every woman is born with a fixed FINITE number of eggs the day she is born and that everymonth one egg is released and along with the hormones.When these eggs get over the woman goes into menopause .
Ovarian cysts are extremely common and the various types can be

1)Functional cysts ;These cysts are considered to be normal and no treatment is required for them

2]Endometriotic cysts;These cysts are blood filled cysts and can cause severe pain during periods,chronic pelvic pain and infertility ,and sexual pain.Conventionally these cysts are treated by open surgery/ laparoscopy and removal of the cyst wall but many a times a large amount of normal ovarian tissue is accidentally removed by the surgeon during peeling out of the cyst wall hence leading to a loss of her ovarian reserve and her capacity to have children before her time.To prevent this grave loss we now have Carbon dioxide Lasers wherein the blood in the cyst is drained and the cyst wall is treated with the laser instead of peeling it out .This method has huge advantages that it prevents unnecessary ovarian loss and since it is done laparoscopically it can be done in one days hospital stay ,with minimal blood loss and no or minimal pain.

3]Polycystic Ovarian Disease;Increasingly found amongst young women in the Indian subcontinent ,this disease leads to difficulty in conception,hirsuitism(male like hair on the face, breast ,back,abdomen)and menstrual irregularities.Usually this is treated with diet and exercise and oral medications but in some refractory cases it is treated by laparoscopy where these cysts are broken again over driiling of these cysts by the surgeon can lead to loss of ovarian reserve and hence gentle use of Co2 Laser is found beneficial in these cases.

4)Dermoid cysts;These cysts are again very common in women of reproductive age groupand can lead to severe pain and contain fat,hair and sometimes even teeth these can also undergo cancerous change in 2 percent cases.Also frequently these cysts can twist on themselves leading to complete loss of the ovary {Torsion)Again these are treated by complete laparoscopic removal in a bag.

5]Germ cell tumours and Other cancers;As germ cell tumours like dysgerminoma occur in young women who desire to have children in the future these tumours can be removed laparoscopically in a bag (to avoid tumour cells from spilling} whilst preserving her uterus and other ovary for future childbearing .and subsequent radio/chemotherapy given to the woman.
As there are several causes for a cyst and improper treatment can result in loss of ovarian reserve to incomplete removal of cancer we recommend ovarian cysts to be treated by correct methods by experts only to avoid these complications

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