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Laparoscopic Surgery In Prolapse And Mesh Incontinence Of Urine In Women

As age advances many women especially after menopause complaint of their uterus coming out of the vagina and also of leaking of urine on coughing & sneezing. Earlier these unfortunate women were treated with a vaginal procedure wherein the uterus was removed and the tissues around the uterus were stitched and tightened with strong sutures. But very often women who were treated by this method again had prolapsed of the vault after couple of years.

Hence most doctors realized that stitching together of these old tissue is like stitching a worn out cloth together again and is a fairly useless procedure.

At Sunrise Hospital we designed our own “SUNRISE MESH PROCEDURE

Wherein a permanent mesh is placed to support the weak tissue so that the vault can never fall out into the vagina.

As this procedure is performed by laparoscopy the permanent mesh gives the patient a permanent cure and has the advantages of no/minimal blood loss, only 1Day hospital stay. No or Minimal pain and early resumption of Day to Day activity. Usually the patient can be discharged on the same night of the surgery and hence needs only 1 Day of Hospital stay.

Another very common problem in women is of leaking of urine especially when they cough or sneeze. This condition is called SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) and can easily be treated with a small mesh placed as TVT (Trans Vaginal Tape) which supports the bladder and doesn’t let urine leak. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia and need the patient to be in the hospital only for 2 to 4hrs.

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