Laparoscopic Mesh Treatment Of Uterine Prolapse And Sui

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Prolapse of the uterus is a condition where the uterus along with the urinary bladder and rectum descend down into the vagina.It is a very common condition in women after 40 years of age especially in women who have had normal deliveries and have chronic cough or constipation and is frequently associated with urinary incontinence i.e a condition where the woman leaks urine involuntarily when she coughs  ,sneezes or laughs.This condition is conventionally treated by Vaginal repair Surgery but in almost 40 to 50% cases this condition is treated incompletely and hence the prolapse  reoccurs in 5 yrs after the surgery.

Hence nowdays internationally ‘LAPAROSCOPIC MESH TREATMENT’ has become the treatment of choice in the treatment of prolapse. With this  new technique the entire area which prolapses into the vagina is pulled up and with the help Laparoscopic Mesh Treatment Of Uterine Prolapse And Sui hospital in Delhiof a PERMANENT MESH anchored to the area in front of the backbone.Hence this leads to permanent fixation with no chances of failure of surgery.This technique is now utilized for all prolapses i.e In young women who wish to retain their uterus for further childbearing the entire uterus can be pulled up with a mesh and in women who have had a hysterectomy earlier the vaginal vault area can be pulled up.Also women who have urinary incontinence a transvaginal tape mesh is inserted to support the bladder so that the leakage of urine is treated .As all these treatments are   performed by laparoscopy only one days hospital stay is required for the patient and the patient has minimal blood loss and pain and can join back work in 3 to 4 days.
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