In Laparoscopic Mesh Treatment

Nowdays due to multiple personel(late marriages)and enviormental factors there is a huge rise in the incidence of benign(non cancerous)uterine problems like fibroids and adenomyosis.Previously these problems could onlybe treated by HYSTERECTOMY in women whose family was complete.We at SUNRISE HOSPITAL have now designed a new method of treatment for these patients call ‘LAPAROSCOPIC GROSS WEDGING;Why do we need this procedure ?what are its benefits over hysterectomy?The ovary derives 30 to 60 % of its blood supply from the uterine artery and hence in women who undergo a hysterectomy even where the ovaries are conserved have decreased ovarian blood supply to the ovaries leading to’PREMATURE MENOPAUSE’ leading to hot flashes mood swings ,urinary and sexual problems’weak bones and higher incidence of heart problems and poor memory.Hence gross wedging helps the woman get rid of her uterine problem without any effect on her ovarian function.Also since this procedure is performed laparoscopically it offers all the benefits of laparoscopy to the patient.i.e

1 Only 1 Day Hospital Stay Hospital Stay for 5-6 Days
2 Minimal blood loss (less than 100ml) Patient loses at least 500ml of blood
3 No need for Blood Transfusion Blood Transfusion often needed
4 No need for I.V Drip I.V Drip needed for 24 Hours
5 Minimal pain (Most patients do not More Painful (Pain Score charts higher)
need even oral pain killers)
6 Early return to work (2-3 Days) Usually return to work only after 1 month
7 Less Costly More Expensive

Also since the supports of the uterus are not touched during gross wedging(supports are cut during hysterectomy)there is no increase in prolalapse after   gross wedging.Also since the cervix(mouth of the uterus)is preserved patient does not experience any sexual problems after gross wedging.The only disadvantage of this procedure is that the lady will have to go for regular paps smear and also as a greater surgical skill is required to perform this procedure compared to lap hysterectomy Gross wedging can only be performed by advanced laparoscopic centres .

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