Fertility Declining without Blaming Anybody

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As this article was meant to address the general public and highlight facts which may lead to their fertility Declining without blaming anybody. I would like to reply by the following

  • There is no bias towards any partner as the article starts by saying that either the male, female or both partners can be responsible for their fertility Declining.
  • Today with medical science advancing I would like to re etiorate that most causes of infertility can be

                                     . HYDRO SALPINX CAN BE REMOVED

                                     . BLOCKED TUBES CAN BE CANNULATED

                                     . ENDOMETROSIS AND CYSTS CAN BE REMOVED

                                     . ENDOMETRIOSIS CAN BE RESECTED

                                     . HYSTEROSCOPIC POLYPECTOMY, SEPTUM RESECTION ,MYOMA    

                                        REMOVAL CAN BE DONE


  • EVEN WOMEN WITH Premature ovarian failure can use DONOR EGGS + IVF and get pregnant MEN WITH AZOOSPERMIA CAN HAVE TESA +IVF + ICSI OR DONOR SEMEN CAN BE USED SO Please tell me which Infertility condition cannot be reversed (less than 1%)

I am giving you the website link of RCOG (www.rcog.org.uk) (Royal college of obstetricians and gynaecologists and acog (www.acog.org )( American college of obstetricians and gynaecologists, also the fertility sterility journal.

  • Since you are a Doctor I would like to inform you that infections like Chlamydia and Neisseria gonorrhoeae can lead not only to the tubes getting blocked but can also raise the incidence of ECTOPIC Pregnancy (TUBAL PREGNANCY) later in life and hence.,’THE DOUBLE DUTCH METHOD OF CONTRACEPTION ‘(with OCS to prevent pregnancy and Barriers (Condom) to prevent STDs has been recommended by NHS and by Indian Council, as this is the No. 1 cause of Tubes getting blocked and in our country the 2nd cause is TB. Hence it is our duty as Doctors to inform the public of the repercussions their future life tomorrow and this is exactly what all the gynecological bodies like FOGSI, RCOG, ACOG have done not only me Doctor.
  • Underweight size zero leads to Anovulation have you not heard of Anorexia Nervosa Doctor please read our bible of Endocrinology Leon Speroff ENDOCRINOLOGY page 486 for your ready reference Doctor!
  • I am surprised that the facts quoted world over are not highlighted in your great presence that the incidence of Down Syndrome at the maternal Age of 20 is 1:20000 and at 35 is 1:350 and rises to 1:100 at 40 so tell me should we not inform the general public to have a baby on time!

Also fertility declining with Age is a known factor or Do you want the whole world to use Donor eggs rather than their own eggs. Do you know that even IVF is not tried in the UK after 39 (Please see NICE guideline of Infertility UK)

And yes stress, coffee Alcohol Smoking all can lead to Infertility (NICE RCOG FERTILITY STERILITY 2010 June)

Also please note that these are not my personal opinions but these have scientific evidence from Randomised  Controlled Double Blinded studies.

As far as I am concerned please don’t call somebody a Quack. I am the Vice President of SUNRISE KEY HOLE SURGERY FOUNDATION and after doing my post graduation in Gynaecology. I have done my fellowship in Laparoscopy and Fertility enhancing surgeries from Germany and from Kochi, Also I am a certified trainer in Fertility Enhancing surgeries by Johnson & Johnson India and have trained more than 600 students in FES & Lap. I would request you as a Fertility Counsellor to stick to the psychological support of Infertilite Couples and not come to the Hardcore Dynamic of Science and leave that to the actual FERTILITY EXPERTS

Who know the difference between Infertility and Sterility which I think you have got confused with!

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