Dos and Don’ts during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences, also considered the ‘gift of God’ by many. Its very important to ensure that proper care is taken in order to have a healthy baby. Here are a few things you must keep in mind while you are pregnant.

Seeking proper medical care tops the list when it comes to pregnancy care. The best gynecologists in Delhi have been working towards providing the best medical care and delivering healthy babies daily. They work towards providing the best care to the mother as well as the baby, and reduce the infant mortality rate.

It’s important that the mother is not under any kind of stress during pregnancy, as it affects the health of the baby. Meeting new people, interacting with them and being occupied helps reduce stress and put the mind at rest. You should also exercise for at least 30 mins daily, as its helps in easing any pregnancy related discomfort. However, you must consult your doctor if you are having any complications with the pregnancy.

Balanced and healthy diet also the most important thing to take care of during pregnancy. Foods that are not fully cooked, including meat, fish and eggs should be avoided as they increase the risk of infection. The fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed and the dishes should also be properly cleaned. High amount of calcium is also very helpful for you as well as the baby.

You must also consult your gynecologist before taking any medicine, even if they are OTCs. Smoking or drinking too, is a no no during pregnancy low birth weight, birth defects and premature births. Apart from that, sitting in hot tubs or sauna can also lead to miscarriage, because of the amount of heat it is.

You must take care of yourself in the best possible way during pregnancy, a few changes here and there can result in the good health of your little one.

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