Doctor Profile


Name: Dr. George John

Designation: Sports Medicine

Areas of Expertise: Orthopedics & Sports Medicine


MBBS, Diploma in Orthopedics

Fellow of Academy of General Education- FAGE

Masters in Sports Medicine MS- Nottingham

Fellow of Sports Medicine-Royal College of Surgeons (Ir)


Brief Profile:-

  • Dr. George John (from Dubai Sunrise- IMH) is a well known Sports Medicine and Arhroscopy expert.
  • He has performed surgeries & consultations for various sports celebrities like Robert Ferraro & Serena Williams and movie stars like Tom Cruise (for Mission Impossible) and also is the sports doctor for the UAE Football team.
  • He has carried out surgeries which include interlock nailing of largebone fractures, ORIF, Spinal Surgeries, knee arthroscopies, total/hemi arthroplasty of hip & TKRs.
  • Also, he has carried out muscle pedicle grafts, plastic surgical flaps, tendon transfers and reconstructions.