Diabetes Day: Food items responsible for Diabetes

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Food items responsible for Diabetes

Food items responsible for Diabetes

Hopping on Pizza with soda is an interesting combination but don’t ignore the health issues which it will bring along with it. 

Here are foods items that can make you diabetic and will invite other health ailments along with it:

Artificial Sweeteners:

 Product made of artificial sweeteners slowdowns the body metabolism and increases the unwanted deposition of fat in our body.

Pasta and Noodles: 

Made from refined white flour, pasta and noodles are easily digestible and raises blood sugar level very quickly. Apart from its high starch content the overcooking the pasta, macaroni and noodles impact badly in raising the sugar level.

Soda or Soft Drinks

Soda or sugary drinks should be an occasional treat, not a daily habit. Sugary drinks are the largest source of added sugar in young people’s diets. Although some of these drinks offer no nutritional value, they are a significant source of extra calories.

Fast Food:

Food like Pasta, Burger, Noodles and pizzas are also called Easy Carbohydrate Foods. These foods have minimal or absolutely zero fiber which makes it further easier for the body to digest them. Such, quickly-digested foods create a glycaemia overload by inducing excessive sugar in the blood stream. The good news is, while processed food, such as white flour absorbed quickly and causes high sugar. It is advisable to take whole wheat flour instead of processed one.

Energy Drinks

Due to the high concentration of carbohydrates fruit juices specially packed juices with added preservatives induce the blood sugar level. Similar is the case with energy and sports drinks. That is why it is highly recommended to take raw fruits rich in fiber instead of their juices.

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