In chronic pelvic pain

Pelvic pain or pain in lower abdomen is an extremely common condition in women but as pain is a subjective symptom with only the patient understanding the full grievance of the symptom it is very frequently misunderstood by the family and friends of the woman complaining of chronic pain. This pain can be defined as one that is present in the lower abdomen and backache which can increase during menstrual cycles, or intercourse (Dyspareunia) or while passing motion or urine or in some women even by sitting for a longtime but there is light at the end of this tunnel with “LAPROSCOPY” today not only for diagnosis but also for treatment of these patients. Two such examples are cited below.

Mrs. Farrel 42yrs old lady came to us in Dubai with complains chronic pain in her lower abdomen leading to her not being able to get up from her bed during her periods and not being able to have intercourse for nearly 2years . She was seeing a marriage counselor and was in severe Depression with nobody understanding her plight. During her Laparoscopy we Diagnosed and treated her “DEEPLY INFILTRATING ENDOMETRIOSIS” and as ENDOMETRIOSIS (presence of the lining of the womb in the abdomen from where it cannot escape and hence invades into other normal tissues and makes them stick (Adhesions) or as in this patient case invades into normal tissue Recto Vaginal Endometriosis and leads to severe pain in periods and during intercourse) with special instruments and a very high end laparoscopy this patient is completely “PAIN FREE” today.

Another lady Mrs. Fatima 28yrs old and a mother of 3 children came to us

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