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New Laparoscopic Technology for

Complete Cancer Cure using the ‘Fluorescent  Camera and ICG dye’

Cancer of the cervix
(mouth of the womb)is the most common cancer in Indian women and Cancer of the uterus (womb) is also on the rise amongst Indian women. Most of the research all over the world has been to increase the early detection of cancer and in the prevention of cancer(like the use of cervical cancer vaccines).Unfortunately the ‘treatment of cancer’ had not shown much  improvement over many years and so women continued to undergo a big open surgery in the past along with excruciatingly painful radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Today with Laparoscopy complete cancer cure can be achieved as the total tumor and surrounding areas where it has spread can be removed by small{0.5 to1 cm cuts}helping the patient recoup from the surgery in 1 to 2 days painlessly and with minimal blood loss to the patient.

The newest technology available to help get complete cancer cure is the “Fluorescent Camera” ;With this technique a special dye called ICG is injected into the cervix and the Laparoscopic Fluorescent  Camera is then activated and as all cancer cells shine  and are seen in the camera all the cancer can be removed completely without causing any harm to neighboring normal organs .Hence for the cancer which has spread the complete removal of the cancer is facilitated by this new technique helping the patient live a longer healthier painless life and avoiding further treatments of radiotherapy and the like.
Dr Nikita Trehan
Sunrise Hospitals India and Dubai

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