In cancer cervix

Cancer cervix(mouth of the womb)is the most common cancer occurring in Indian women compared to western countries where breast cancer is more common and sadly it is a fully preventable cancer.

Fact sheet on prevention of cancer cervix.
Cancer cervix is spread by human papilloma virus .
Cancer cervix screening with paps smear should be done in all women.
Cervical cancer vaccination is readily available.
Smoking increases your risk of getting cancer cervix.
Multiple sexual partners increases risk of cervical cancer.
Using condoms decreases your risk of cervical cancer.

PAPs Smear Test; Regular screening of the cervix with this simple  test done by a medical professional helps to identify the precancerous changes also if cancer is present this test will help in earlier and simpler treatment.Women should report any abnormal  vaginal bleeding like bleeding after sex,(postcoital bleeding)intermenstrual bleeding(bleeding in between periods)or heavy menstrual bleeding or abnormal vaginal discharge as these could be symptoms of  cervical cancer.

LAPAROSCOPY AND CERVICAL CANCER ;Today in expert hands it is possible to completely remove early cervical cancer by laparoscopy.Also if the woman has completed her family (does not want more children) a radical hysterectomy with removal of neighbouring tissue and nodes is performed by laparoscopy.In women who need to have babies in the future a radical trachelectomy (removal only of the mouth of the uterus with surrounding tissue and nodes)is performed laparoscopically. The greatest advantage of performing this procedure laparoscopically is that it offers a complete and better clearance (removal)of the cancer compared to with open surgery.Also the recovery of the patient is much quicker after laparoscopic surgery with lesser pain ,minimal blood loss hence usually no need for blood transfusion after laparoscopic surgery.Overall the patient can go back to her daily routine much sooner (2 to 3 days)after  her cancer surgery and also be completely free of her disease quicker.And yes properly treated younger women can even have their own babies after this surgery although they need a permanent tightening of the the mouth of the uterus with a laparoscopic encerclage performed at the time of the cancer laparoscopy.

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