Boost Fertility for a Healthier Pregnancy

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There are certain factors that affect your fertility and if you are not cautious enough, it can lead to difficulty in conceiving or even infertility. Here are some tips that can boost your fertility.

Eat well

A very few people know that eating right can boost fertility. Protein, Iron, Vitamin C and Zinc should be the main components in your diet. Deficiencies of these nutrients are directly related to irregular menstrual cycle, which further leads to less frequent ovulation. If you are planning to conceive, you should also check with your gynecologist if you should take multivitamin supplements to maintain the nutrient level. Protein rich foods like meat, fish, eggs beans etc should also be consumed.

Drink Right

Alcohol consumption decreases the ability to get pregnant, and harms the developing fetus at the same time. The estrogen levels are altered because of alcohol consumption, and it interferes in the egg implantation. Apart from alcohol, you must also avoid drinking caffeine if you are planning to conceive in order to be more fertile.

Weight Control

You must maintain your body weight as well if you are planning to get pregnant. Excess body fat can can lead to overproduction of certain hormones which can disrupt ovulation. The ovulation cycle might become irregular, which can lead to infertility. On the other hand, if you are too thin, your body might not be able to produce enough hormones to ovulate, which will again lead to infertility. You must ensure your weight is controlled when you are planning to conceive.

Quit Smoking

Apart from damaging the eggs and interfering with the fertilization, cigarettes also cause ovaries to age early. The ovaries of a 35 year old smoker will function like a 42 year old’s, making it less fertile. Cutting out on cigarettes can get you your ovarian functions back.

Be Stress Free

Stress can hamper your fertility as the hormone production of the body becomes irregular. You must indulge in Yoga and other exercises in order to balance the hormones and release stress. You can also try meditation or be a part of a support group, which will help you get your hormones back on track.

Trying these simple techniques can enhance your fertility and help you conceive faster. You must also be in constant touch with a gynecologist when you are planning to get pregnant. Sunrise Hospital can guide you through the entire process in the right way and do all necessary tests to help you conceive faster.

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